Peach Press, based in Colorado Springs, CO, is a radical small press dedicated to publishing writers and artists who have been historically marginalized. We believe disseminating art and literature from under published voices is a uniquely powerful tool for rewriting cultural narratives. We strive to produce an accessible avenue for publishing works at low to no cost to the artists/authors. 

A quick look at the current demographics of publishing: According to a comprehensive study by Lee and Low, the first ever Diversity Baseline Survey in publishing, the entire industry is comprised of 78% of white publishers, 88% of whom are heterosexual, 92% are Non-disabled and 78% are cis-women. In addition, while cis-women are overrepresented in the production side of the publishing industry, they are still heavily under-published as artists/authors/thinkers. Vida, a nonprofit literary organization created to track the publishing industry’s gender gap, reported that only one third of surveyed participants from major literary and new sources published women in 2015.


 Co-founders Peyton Kay Davis (left) & Han Sayles (Right)

Co-founders Peyton Kay Davis (left) & Han Sayles (Right)

Peyton Kay Davis is a Colorado Springs-based artist/printmaker with a BFA in Printmaking from Massachusetts College of Art and Design in Boston. Their work has been shown in galleries throughout the Boston Metro Area and Colorado Springs, including a recognition from the Boston Printmaking Biennial, and Colorado College Special Collections where they are archived. Peyton’s printing experience spans from smaller publications to printing editions for contemporary artists such as Lilliana Porter and Paula Walker.

Han Sayles is a community organizer/printmaker in Colorado Springs, CO with a BA in Comparative Literature and a concentration in Feminist & Gender Studies from Colorado College. She currently coordinates literary and arts events in the Pikes Peak region, both as a consultant for the Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center and for The Cloud Factory. Han's printing experience includes print-based fundraising campaigns for local and national organizations such as Inside Out Youth Services and the Audre Lorde Project, along with publishing Idris Goodwin's and Nico Wilkinson's chapbook Inauguration